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Scottish Rite Shriners

Jeweled Master Mason Custom Ring

Catalog #362290
Jeweled Master Mason Custom Ring If you are looking for something with stones on the head, look no further. This timeless design as been in production for nearly a century. It is without question one of the most magnificently crafted pieces we offer. Proudly manufactured here in the United States, this piece reflects the 70 years of jewelry experience that goes into it. The details on this ring are clean and crisp with great attention to every detail. It is your choice of any of four different emblems for the side panels, blue lodge, knights templar, shriners and scottish rite are all available. The head can be configured with either diamonds or very high quality cubic zirconias that in our opinion are equally striking at a fraction of the cost. The stones come in 3 configurations, either a large solitaire, 5 stones on a flat plane or 4 stones on a flat plane with a center stone elevated above the rest. The triangle accents on the head feature a plumb and trowel. This ring is extremely labor intensive to manufacture so please double check your ring size. Like all of our custom rings, these cannot be returned and resizing them can be difficult.

Precious Metal & Finishing Options

Different type of metals and finishes will wear differently. Please click on any portion of the description area to learn more about each metal/finish and how well it will wear over time. For example gold plated and oxidized finishes will wear faster than any other type of ring and are not recommended for daily wear.
$399  Two Tone .925 Sterling Silver Solid Back
$1,399  Two Tone 10k Gold Solid Back
$1,599  Two Tone 14k Gold Solid Back
$1,899  Two Tone 18k Gold Solid Back

Manufacturing Times - Please Read Before Ordering

Manufacturing times are only estimates based on historical data. Hand made products must pass various quality assurance thresholds before they can be shipped. If we must choose between great quality slowly vs poor quality quickly, we choose quality every time.
Manufactured within 30 days 10% of the time.
Manufactured within 45 days 40% of the time.
Manufactured within 60 days 95% of the time.
Manufactured within 90+ days 100% of the time.

Ring Size

It is critical that you enter the correct ring size when placing your order. If you are unsure of your ring size, you should go to your local shopping mall and have several jewelry stores size your finger. Please note that most sizing tools in jewelry stores are designed to size you for a band style ring. Let the person sizing you know that you are getting sized for a class style ring and not a band (unless you are purchasing a band) so that they can advise you on the slight sizing difference for such. It only takes a few minutes and will save you the time and cost of having to resize your ring after delivery. All of our sizes are shown in USA sizes. If you are ordering from outside the United States, please use the international sizing chart to convert your countries sizing value to a proper US size. International Sizing Chart
All Sizing is in USA Format.

Jewel Option

Left Emblem

Right Emblem

Product Warranty

This product is covered by a
3 Year Manufacturers Warranty
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made in the usa

precious metal



knights templar


scottish rite



wings down


blue lodge

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