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Gold Plated

Gold plating is usually applied to base metal or to sterling silver. It is typically done with pure 24k gold but only in a very thin layer measured in microns. When you see jewelry advertised as 24k it is almost always 24k gold plated because something actually made of solid 24k gold would be far to soft for any kind of jewelry. Because gold plating is a very thing layer on the outside of a piece of jewelry, it will wear off with use. Gold plated products are not recommended for daily wear or frequent use. The gold plating can easily be scratched or scraped to reveal the color of the metal below it. There is not usually a stamp that goes along with gold plating because it does not represent something of value. A gold plated sterling silver piece will simply be stamped as it should be for sterling silver. Gold plating is usually reapplied relatively easily by any local jewelry shop.

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I was notified of shipment of my ring on Friday, March 6th received it on Monday, March 9th. Great shipping service!

My order was for the Blue Lodge ring, model (359176) in 14k Yellow Gold with a solid back and blue stone. Basically a simple, classic, timeless style. I must say I am extremely satisfied with it. The quality and color is beautiful. The masonic symbol on the stone is detailed and very striking. I dare say it is a delight to look at, and with which to display my Masonic pride.

Order was placed on a Sunday, so counting as you could do nothing until Monday, that made delivery to my door in exactly 5 weeks. Very happy!

Thanks for all your follow through, and creating one very happy customer make that 'repeat customer'!

Al” Brother Al, Sarasota, FL

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