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Class Rings

Clearance Rings

Clearance rings may come from a variety of sources. They might be returns, cancelled special orders, scratch and dent, they may have defects or flaws, they be used or new. Clearance rings may not be returned to be sure to inspect the photos carefully. If you would like additional photographs, please email us. The size of each clearance ring is indicated in the product name. Sterling silver / precious metal clearance rings can be resized however it is not a service we offer. You would need to first purchase it and take it to a local jeweler for resizing.

Past Master

Create your own fully customized Past Master ring in our custom ring build shop. We can even create highly specialized rings that use rare symbols such as the Pennsylvania Past Master emblem.These products are suitable for any brother who has passed through the East and earned the title of Past Master. There are two main varieties of Past Master products, those with the compass, quadrant and square and those with only the compass and quadrant. Some jurisdictions reserve the former variety for Past Grand Masters while other (most) jurisdictions allow either to be used for Past Masters. Search for the squareless tag to just see the second variation. We also have an entire department dedicated to Past Master regalia.
Past Master Logo w/ Square Past Master Logo w/o Square
Past Master Clearance Ring Size 12.5 363687 Past Master Clearance Ring Size 12.5 $199.00 Add To Cart

Custom Rings

Fully Customizable

If you are looking for the Cadillac of Masonic Rings, look no further. These models can be customized in absolutely every regard. You can choose any symbol you like for all emblem placements, even submit your own to us if you don't see the one you want. Choose the border text going around the face or write your own text to include your lodge name or any other information you would like. Choose from a selection of stones and enamels for models that have such features. Choose from two polishing options, six different finishing options and an extensive selection of border text and symbols. All of our custom masonic rings are available in .925 sterling silver, 10k & 14k white or yellow gold. Best of all, the majority of these models are cast to form a single piece of metal, meaning there is nothing to break, fall off, or get lost. These rings are meant to be personalized just for you and then handed down through the generations.

20+ Shanks to choose from.

Choose from over 100 masonic symbols, request a new one or send us your own!

Learn more about the various metals we use for your masonic ring on our metals page.

Looking for mountings or diamonds? Check out our semi-customizable rings for fantastic diamond and CZ custom rings.

Please allow four to six weeks for manufacturing and delivery.
Design Your Own Custom Flat Top Masonic Ring 357936 Design Your Own Custom Flat Top Masonic Ring $199.00 Customize
Design Your Own Custom Masonic Class Ring 357937 Design Your Own Custom Masonic Class Ring $199.00 Customize
Design Your Own Round Flat Top Ring 361856 Design Your Own Round Flat Top Ring $199.00 Customize
Design Your Own Subdued Symbol Masonic Ring 357951 Design Your Own Subdued Symbol Masonic Ring $209.00 Customize
Design Your Own Custom Championship Ring 357941 Design Your Own Custom Championship Ring $229.00 Customize

Custom Side Emblems

Choose from over 25 different emblems to go on either side of these shanks. The top emblems are not customizable. In some cases, you can choose the stone color from a choice of black, blue or pink. These rings are separated into organizational categories to reflect the body to which their non-customizable emblems belong to. These models can however be customized with additional side emblems to reflect membership in more than one organization. For example, you put Shriners or Blue Lodge emblems on any of the custom sides Scottish Rite rings and so forth.

Past Master

Past Master Ring 359278 Past Master Ring $369.00 Customize


Blue Lodge

Create your own fully customized Blue Lodge ring in our custom ring build shop. Creating a custom Blue Lodge is a create option if you want to incorporate an unusual blend of symbology, such as a Grotto emblem and a York rite emblem. In most jurisdictions only Master Masons are entitled to wear a square and compass. Some of our rings do feature the square and compass in non-master mason configurations however this is simply artistic liberty by the jeweler, it does not mean that it is meant for first or second degree brethren.These products are suitable for any Master Mason. Although there are dedicated departments for the other orders such as Shriners and Scottish Rite, our entire store is for the most part dedicated to the Blue Lodge, hence it does not have a single consolidated department like the others.
Blue Lodge Logo Craft Lodge Logo - No G
Mortality Ring 358755 Mortality Ring $129.00 Choose Size
Mortality Ring 358747 Mortality Ring $129.00 Choose Size
Blue Lodge Ring 359085 Blue Lodge Ring $250.00 Customize
Blue Lodge Ring 359081 Blue Lodge Ring $369.00 Choose Size
Free and Accepted Mason Ring 359080 Free and Accepted Mason Ring $369.00 Customize
Blue Lodge Ring 359089 Blue Lodge Ring $399.00 Customize

Past Master

Class Style Past Master Ring 358902 Class Style Past Master Ring $369.00 Choose Size

Scottish Rite

Create your own fully customized Scottish Rite ring in our custom ring build shop.These products are meant for members of the Scottish Rite. The Scottish Rite contains a number of concordant bodies within it but these orders vary depending on which jurisdiction you are in. These degrees include The Lodge of Perfection, Princes of Jerusalem, Chapter of Rose Croix, Council of Kadosh, Consistory, Court of Honour and the Supreme Council. The Northern Jurisdiction is represented by the double headed eagle with it's wings pointed up. The Southern jurisdiction is represented by the double headed eagle with the wings pointed down. The other major distinction within the Scottish Rite is between the 32nd degree and the 33rd degree. Most members in the United States get their 32nd degree almost immediately upon joining. The 33rd degree is typically awarded later on in a Scottish Rite Masons career as a honorary privilege that is not awarded to all. It should also be noted that American Scottish Rite Masons are typically only recognized up to the 14th degree by the rest of the world. In other countries, it takes many years to reach the 32nd degree and receiving the 33rd is almost unheard of. You can view all of the Scottish Rite products we have available in our dedicated Scottish Rite Supply department.
Wings Up - Northern Jurisdiction Wings Down - Southern Jurisdiction
Scottish Rite Ring 358903 Scottish Rite Ring $399.00 Choose Size

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